Share Blue Smiles

A large majority of interactions between law enforcement and citizens have no use of force, but 99% of the content on social media portrays quite the opposite. It’s time to change this.

We at CentralSquare are launching a national social media campaign to spotlight police officers who go above and beyond to make a difference in their communities. Thousands of stories are underreported – every day, officers are helping kids, bringing meals to the elderly, rescuing pets, driving those who are stranded and performing innumerable acts of compassion.

Send us your officers’ and departments’ stories of positive interactions with your community. The first 250 people with completed submissions will receive a $50 gift card** just for sending us a powerful story. Further, in celebration of the launch, we will donate $10,000 to C.O.P.S., the charity supporting families of fallen heroes.

Beginning mid-July 2019, we will take the most impactful of these stories and promote them on social media. It’s time these heroes are seen. It’s time these towns and cities receive positive media coverage. It’s time to change the conversation about law enforcement on social media, rebuild trust and promote heroes who make a big difference every day.  It’s time these stories are heard, watched, tweeted and remembered.